Attn Owner/Operators: Lease to own financing at low rates


If you are considering acquiring new or used heavy equipment, get lease-to-own financing without breaking the bank. I work with 25 lenders and will find you the best rates possible. Call me today. Kyle 403-370-3375 Also, if you were ever wondering why lease.

Please read the following. -New or used equipment is a requirement to grow your business – in fact, a recent Gallup survey found that 80% of businesses lease a portion of their equipment. The list of companies using leasing ranges from the Fortune 500 to mom & pop shops. -Managing cash flow is a challenge for businesses of all sizes especially when you need to add or replace equipment.

Leasing can put that equipment to work for you without major capital investment and with real cash-flow advantages. Here are the key benefits of leasing equipment: -Leasing gives you the use of equipment without having to wait to pull the full cost of the equipment together and often requires lower payment than other methods of financing. Best of all, you can often afford higher-quality equipment that is more cost-effective to operate. -Where other types of financing require a hefty down payment, leasing is 100% financing.

Most lease agreements require an advance of only one or two months’ payment plus a security deposit. Leasing immediately puts the equipment to work for you, at a minimal up-front cost. -Lease payments have no impact on your credit lines with your bank. Your borrowing power is preserved for other business opportunities.

-Equipment upgrades let you do the job faster, more efficiently and cheaper than the competition. Leasing gives you the advantage of the latest available technology at a more affordable cost. -By leasing, you can acquire the equipment you need today and use it cost-effectively until it no longer meets your needs. You can then upgrade and avoid dealing with outdated and obsolete equipment.

-Leasing gives you more than just the equipment. It also can cover the cost of delivery and installation. Your lease includes everything it takes to actually put the equipment to work for you. -Receive tax benefits such as treating the lease payment as an expense.

Any asset that depreciates in value should be leased so you can write it off quicker against anticipated profits. -Lease payments are little more than a line item in your monthly cost of operations – a minimal bookkeeping effort that frees you from time-consuming depreciation schedules. -Remember 1980, when interest rates skyrocketed from 9% to 21. 5% in a single year.

Well, 2023 is reminding us of those days. Unlike bank lines of credit, with variable rates, lease payments are fixed – no matter what happens to the market tomorrow. contractorsofinsta leasetoown backhoe backhoeloader tractortrailer caterpillarequipment westernstartrucks peterbilt peterbilt379 peterbilt389 truckers trucking trucker trucklife trucksofinstagram kenworth truckinglife truckstop 18wheeler truckdrivers truckdriverlife heavyequipment equipment leasing heavyequipmentlife heavyduty heavymachinery heavyequipmentoperator he


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