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Hello We are a Vietnamese-Italian-American-Canadian family of 3 , Jared, Angela, and Graham who recently moved (back) to Canada from Norway. We love to be outdoors, hiking, skiing, biking, climbing, etc. In terms of parenting philosophy, we generally ascribe to the Montessori philosophy in promoting independence. We are looking to develop a relationship with a sitter that we can rely on for date nights, e.g.

Thursday/Friday/Saturday evenings from 5-10PM. G is (currently) a good sleeper and will be in bed from 7:30PM onwards. Our ideal sitter would join us for a family dinner and help clean up while we collaboratively transition to bedtime. As G gets more comfortable, we would love to be able to have our sitter do bath/bed time with him.

After bath/bed time, Jared and I will leave and be back around 10PM. Our sitter will be responsible for any leftover clean up (put away the toys, etc.) and being home with Graham while he sleeps. The rest of the evening should be relaxing.


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