Babysitter wanted for childcare in Calgary


Search is on hold for now Our little guy is big enough that I’d like to start sourcing outside help. Both kids will be here but only our 5 year old needs care. Our 14 year old will just be existing, likely in her room, while the caretaker is here. She watches him for short spurts but we aren’t quite at the point that I want her watching him for a few hours yet.

So, I need some help please. He’s super sweet and will want to play toys and tell you endless stories lol. ENDLESS 🙂 I’m hoping to give him a break from navigating the daycare environment, which usually comes with interactions that are still a bit tricky for him to navigate, while allowing him more 1 on 1 to work on his skills and build his social confidence. I’m thinking since he has alternate Friday Kinder that starting off there would be a good thing and then I’m hoping to have someone in the evening Mon to Thur as well.

Sat shifts will be a possibility as well but not as urgent. Msg me if interested.


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