Babysitter wanted for childcare in Winnipeg


Our family is moving to Winnipeg from Alberta at the end of January and we are looking into options for childcare. The frequency would depend very much upon finding the right fit. Our children are bright and engaging, eager to develop connections with people they are comfortable with.

We are looking for someone who can offer more than simply making sure the children remain alive and well, as their need for mental engagement can be quite persistent. Because of this, it is quite an asset if you are fluent in a language other than English and/or are easy-going and warm. We have no set timeline or schedule yet, as we will just be moving and settling in come February.

As we find someone we feel is a right fit, we can discuss frequency and scheduling with them, as it works for both parties. We are a welcoming and understanding family, open to learning about new perspectives, languages, cultures, etcetera. The children speak English, some Spanish, and words and phrases in other langauges

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