Can u draw pics u c in a kid’s book? Age15 can apply.


If doodling or drawing is your thing, great. I have no talent in that area so am looking for someone to help create some simple drawings for kids to colour. This is piece work and you are paid/picture. As you can see from the pics of the previously made colouring booklets, these would be fairly simplistic drawings mostly without colour.

Please email star. gigglesyahoo. ca Make sure to include your answers to the following questions. 1.

days and times your available 2. price range per black/white colouring book drawing 3. Send a sample of your drawing a black/white pick of an animal, person or like the pics from my previous books; whatever you want. And tell me how long it took you to draw that.

Remember you will be paid per pic whether it takes you 5 min or 5 hrs.


To apply, please visit the following URL:→

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