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Commissionaires Southern Alberta

THE OPPORTUNITY We have an amazing opportunity for a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to lead the Commissionaires Southern Alberta into a new era of excellence and growth. The CEO will play a pivotal role in transforming the Division’s business performance and positioning the organization as a top-quartile security service provider. This leadership position offers an opportunity to make a significant impact by implementing strategic initiatives and fostering a culture of accountability, innovation, and service delivery.

THE ORGANIZATION Commissionaires Southern Alberta, established in 1937, is a private, not-for-profit organization that provides premiere security services to Alberta companies and organizations. Historically, known for its social mandate to provide meaningful employment to military and police veterans, the Commissionaires Southern Alberta now employs over 2,000 trained professionals. Their main Response and Support Centre is in Calgary, with regional offices in Red Deer, Lethbridge, and Medicine Hat.

Commissionaires Southern Alberta’s origins lie in providing employment for Canadian veterans, and today, they proudly work towards this aim for both veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Their leadership and dedication are fundamental to their status as the leading security provider in Southern Alberta, committed to delivering the highest standard of service to their clients. Values Excellence in service Professionalism Teamwork Reliability and Accountability Integrity and Respect To learn more about the Commissionaires Southern Alberta, visit their website at: https://commissionaires.ca/en/southern-alberta/home THE RESPONSIBILITIES Strategy Development and Implementation: In conjunction with the Board of Governors, develop a strategic plan that integrates the organization’s values and mission and establishes a clear path for the organization’s future.

Assess market trends to understand the organization’s strengths and weaknesses and align the team around common goals. Set specific organizational goals and objectives, identifying required resources and cultivating positive stakeholder relationships. Establish and implement a vision for operational excellence and create a culture of safety through the maintenance of third-party safety accreditations.

Leadership and Organizational Development: Maintain and optimize the company’s organizational structure. Model sound leadership and effectively communicate the organization’s goals with trust and transparency. Foster a culture of accountability, innovation, and customer responsiveness while reinforcing the organization’s social mandate.

Promote employee engagement and morale throughout the organization by recognizing and rewarding employees for their contributions, providing opportunities for professional development and growth, and fostering a sense of belonging and purpose among staff. Operational Execution and Program Management: Lead the development, implementation, and evaluation of corporate programs to meet board priorities. Set direction and goals for maintaining and improving the company’s management system and service offerings.

Ensure oversight over operations, programs and contracts to meet organizational objectives. Develop, implement, and enforce appropriate Division policies, procedures, and standards in accordance with federal, provincial, and municipal laws and regulations. Develop, implement, and promote enhanced system capabilities to sustain operations, training, and support functions.

Financial Management: Administer organization funds effectively according to the approved budget, advising the board’s finance committee as needed. Ensure accurate and timely financial reporting to stakeholders, board members, and regulatory authorities. This involves reviewing financial statements, analyzing performance metrics, and identifying areas for improvement or concern.

Work with the board to define financial goals, revenue targets, profit margins, cost reduction, and/or program enhancements that align with the business strategy. Collaborate with management teams to identify cost reduction and operational improvement opportunities, ensuring profitability and competitiveness. Risk Management: Assess and manage financial, operational, and regulatory risks, and report progress to the board.

Advocacy: Promote the organization’s mission to empower veterans during their transition into civilian life and through their subsequent career objectives. Support policies that benefit veterans, national security, and the security industry. Create initiatives supporting veteran employment across sectors, collaborating with government agencies, businesses, and non-profits.

Drive public awareness and understanding of veterans’ employment, security, and national defense through speaking engagements, educational campaigns, and media outreach. Participate in networking and community relations activities, building strong relationships with stakeholders. Be interested in serving as a member of the National Business Management Committee and Western Region Committee.

THE QUALIFICATIONS Bachelor’s degree and/or master’s degree in business, finance, or another applicable discipline from a recognized university is preferred. Minimum 10 years of progressive, results-oriented experience in a strategic and operational leadership role. Experience with the not-for-profit sector and reporting to a Board of Directors.

Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD.D) designation would be an asset. Accreditation as an American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) Certified Protection Professional (CPP) would be an asset. A background in the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP, or another police service would also be an asset.

Financial management, including budgeting and resource allocation. Demonstrated track record developing a vision and leading people to achieve goals. Strong background in building and maintaining relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to represent the company effectively. Analytical, problem-solving and crisis management skills to address complex business challenges with adaptability and resilience. KEY COMPETENCIES Genuine passion for supporting veterans, promoting security, and making a positive impact on society, aligning with Commissionaires’ core values and purpose.

Proven track record of strategic planning and execution, business development, and financial management. Commitment to upholding ethical standards and promoting integrity, honesty, and transparency throughout the organization. Strong leadership and team-building skills, with the ability to inspire and motivate others.

Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities, with experience in stakeholder engagement and advocacy. Sound decision-making and problem-solving capabilities, with a focus on achieving results. Ability to work effectively in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, with a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

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