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Are you content with the status quo, or are you prepared to be part of a revolution that disrupts the norms?. At O2E Brands, we’re not simply in search of a Chief Technology Officer; we’re on the hunt for a visionary who will spearhead the transformation of technology and customer experience, much like how 1-800-GOT-JUNK? revolutionized the junk removal industry, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING turned painting on its head and Shack Shine modernized house detailing. If you’re ready to challenge conventions and pave the way for innovation, we want you on our team.

“Imagine a visionary at the helm of technology, not just any leader but a beacon of progress in the bustling world of SaaS. That’s me.

I’m not just a forward-thinking leader; I am the embodiment of innovation and growth. With a rich history in SaaS product development and engineering, I don’t just aim to meet expectations—I aim to shatter them, crafting scalable solutions that not only delight our customers but also propel our business to new heights.

Throughout my journey, I’ve immersed myself in leadership roles within the dynamic realm of SaaS, consistently anticipating technology trends and eagerly embracing AI, RPA, and consumer behaviours that shape our path to success. I’m not just involved in setting the strategic direction; I’m passionate about driving our product vision forward and executing high-impact initiatives that translate into tangible, game-changing results.

Communication is my forte, especially when it involves connecting the needs of the business with exciting and accessible technology solutions. I excel in making technology understandable for everyone, from our customers and franchise partners to our internal teams, embracing a consultative approach that prioritizes understanding and collaboration.

But at my core, I believe in the transformative power of culture and teamwork.

I’m committed to nurturing an environment of excellence and collaboration where every team member is empowered to innovate and realize their highest potential. I find my rhythm in dynamic settings, thriving as a change manager who not only anticipates shifts but leads the charge through them.

In this vision, I see a future where we’re not just participants in the SaaS industry but leaders who think big, innovate relentlessly and foster a culture where everyone is inspired to achieve greatness. This is the journey I’m on, and I’m looking for a team that shares this ambition, ready to make waves and redefine what’s possible together.”

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