Don Titus Montessori requires a .5 TERM Learning Assistance Teacher

Full Time


Please visit for more information about teaching in School District #59, incentives and benefits offered and the Peace River South area.

Effective January 19, 2024 to June 30, 2024.

The successful applicant will posses, or be willing to complete, a Master’s Degree in Special Education.

This position may increase. The successful applicant must be willing to accept the increase.

Don Titus Montessori participates in multi-age learning opportunities. Teachers work collaboratively to prepare and plan engaging opportunities for students. Montessori training or experience is not necessary. If the applicant wishes, on-site mentoring and training will be provided.

For more information, please contact Jody Bougerolle at

Don Titus Montessori School

Don Titus Montessori School, established in 2013, is a dynamic and community-minded school of choice located in Chetwynd, BC. We have a strong cohesive team of teachers and administration, with a passion for helping students learn to think creatively, solve problems independently, and respect themselves and others. Our school follows both the BC curriculum and the Montessori style of learning, delivering material in a manner designed to spark imagination, build self-esteem and help children discover new things each day.

The school enjoys a robust relationship with parents and caregivers. Many opportunities for enhanced classroom activities with volunteers and funding from the Parent Advisory Group occur. We also maintain a strong presence within the community, and regularly engage in local activities and field trips.

Classrooms are well lit and spacious, with a brand-new playground and large playing field immediately adjacent to the school. Our library is stocked with fresh and enticing materials, including STEM kits and makerspace supplies. With support, there are ample opportunities for teachers to engage students with new technology and teaching materials.

Don Titus Montessori School is located within the town of Chetwynd, BC, with a population of approximately 2,600. The town experiences all four seasons – from beautiful, warm summers, amazingly colorful autumns, snowy winters, and fresh, sunny springs. Although the seasonal temperatures vary, the clear blue skies and sunshine throughout the year brings beauty to even the coldest days. There are significant opportunities for outdoor sports and recreation year-round, and many local clubs and groups for special interests.

Don Titus Montessori School flows with positive energy and enthusiasm, as the collective group of independent and inspired students work with teachers and support staff to develop a bright future. Our school’s motto is “Where Kids Learn to Shine”. We have experienced rapid growth and are looking for teachers committed to following the Montessori philosophy to join our team!

Desired qualifications and experience include:

Hold, or be qualified for, a valid BC Ministry of Education Teaching Certificate.

Experience with adapting, and modifying, curriculum to meet the needs of students.

Experience teaching primary and intermediate/middle school/secondary students.

Strong literacy and numeracy skills. Willingness to work and implement school initiatives and goals.

Capacity to work independently and in collaboration with a team.

Ability to use performance standards in the area of social responsibility.

Acquainted with the outcomes and evaluation processes outlined in the new curriculum.

Committed to individualized and group instruction utilizing a variety of effective strategies and techniques.

Experience teaching in a multiage group setting.

Strong classroom management skills.

Training in teaching ELL students.

Ability to work as part of a team to develop and implement individualized learning plans for students with academic, social and emotional learning difficulties.

Willingness to work in a collaborative model with staff on the school improvement plan.

Working knowledge of Criterion Based Referencing Assessment and Performance Based Assessment, and Balanced Literacy.

Experience working with students who display a variety of behaviours.

Why School District No. 59?

Collaboration, support, contemporary learning spaces and resources are part of the fabric of School District No. 59. Professional Learning Communities, Foundations for Learning and regular professional development are available and readily accessible for all teachers.

The School District Resource Centre houses thousands of physical and electronic resources for teachers. Additional human resources available to all teachers include support for literacy, numeracy, Aboriginal Education, resource acquisition (Resource Center staff), and student support services.

Benefits in working for School District No. 59:

Relocation Allowance: Up to $2,000 for out of district applicants (with submission of approved receipts).

Northern Travel Allowance: A Great Benefit at Tax Time! An amount of up to $4,000 of the salary paid to the employee shall be designated as a Northern Allowance Travel benefit. This allowance shall be in effect within the guidelines of Revenue Canada as they exist and are changed by Revenue Canada from year to year and shall end when the Revenue Canada program ends. Regular part time employees’ allowance will be prorated proportionate to the hours worked.

Remote and Rural Allowance: Teachers working in School District No. 59 are eligible to receive a remote and rural allowance, which is both an adjustment to the salary grid and an annual allowance of approximately $2,519* per FTE. Teachers on call (TOCs) are not eligible to receive this allowance.

*The annual allowance may increase as defined within the Collective Agreement with the British Columbia Teachers Federation.

Did you know?

Employees of School District No. 59 qualify for the Canadian Revenue Agency Residency Deduction. Learn more about the Canadian Revenue Agency Residency Deduction. If you lived in a prescribed intermediate zone (Zone B), you can claim:

A basic residency amount of $5.50 for each day that you lived in this zone; plus

An additional residency amount of $5.50 for each day you lived in this zone if you maintained a dwelling and you are the only person claiming the basic residency amount for that period and dwelling.


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