Enterprise Architect


Edmonton Alberta

Hybrid, 12 month Contract

Start Date 06/01/2024

Our client is seeking a Broadband Network Engineer to assist with:

Designing, reviewing and finalizing a technical application evaluation process, ensuring the process is consistent, objective and effectively meets the needs and objectives of the program.

Reviewing, evaluating and ranking competing broadband applications and providing a technical comparison of broadband applications, including solutions, hardware, maps and value for investment. Note that evaluations will need to analyze and review fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technologies as well as upstream elements that comprise the whole network.

Analyzing coverage data and evidence to consider disputes and verify claims related to federal 50 Mbps download / 10 Mbps upload coverage claims.

Role responsibilities will include:

  • Research and evaluate latest technology trends.
  • Architect new IT services, develop solution paper and test plans.
  • Evaluate current services, recommend remedial actions where required.
  • Assist in determining hardware/software requirements.
  • Collaborate with multi-disciplined teams on proof of concept and limited production roll outs.
  • Provide quality control on production implementations.
  • Communicate operation guidelines and policies to the clients.
  • Apply and interpret how the operation guidelines enhance the ministry’s way of doing business.
  • Review new services and technology requests by business area and assess their impact on the operational environment, giving recommendations for remediation.
  • Assist in developing project plans, schedules, and estimates pertaining to architectural deployment and services delivery.
  • Assist in developing task lists and resource assignments within the context of architectural planning and deployments.
  • Assist with implementation of IT infrastructure; Document technical recommendations and provide technical advice and guidance to management, operations and project team members and within shared IT services.
  • Ensure change management processes are followed.
  • Make recommendations to project team members pertaining to issues, risks and client satisfaction.
  • Provide tracking and reporting of time and status on all work as required.

Qualifications required:

Must have:

  • 4-yr University graduation-Telecommunications, Electrical or Electronics Engineering degree or a related discipline& 8-yr broadband/telecommunications technical experience;
  • OR
  • 12-yr or more combined broadband-related education & broadband technical experience in a related discipline (telecom engineering, network engineer, telecom field technician, communication technician, etc.).
  • 4 years of experience assessing the design of broadband telecommunications solutions, including upstream parts of the network, for proposals that include a mix of technologies including Fiber-to-the-Home, Fixed Wireless Access and Low Earth Orbit satellite and transit.
  • 2 years of experience designing and installing telecommunication equipment and networks (e.g. fiber optics, microwave transmission, IP networks, electronic switching systems, etc.)
  • 1year of experience validating internet speed claims using an objective evidence-based approach (hardware/network limitations, testing equipment and/or 3rd party test results)

Nice to have:

  • Certified Telecommunications Analyst Completion of telecommunications certification – (CTA)
  • Certified Wireless Analyst (CWA)
  • Telecommunications (TCM)
  • Telecommunications Master Engineer (TME)
  • Completion of other equivalent telecommunications/network engineering certifications
  • 3 years of experience designing broadband solutions using Fiber-to-the-Home and other wireline technologies and equipment.
  • 3 years of experience designing broadband solutions using Fixed Wireless Access technologies and equipment.
  • 2 years of experience designing broadband solutions using Low Earth Orbit satellite technologies and equipment.
  • 3 years of experience leading or playing a major role in a large broadband/ telecommunications project
  • 2 years of experience preparing and presenting comprehensive information to technical teams, management and proponents. Including but not limited to contributing to assessment notes, geospatial maps, Logical Network Design diagrams, presentations, etc. Ability to assess the impact of technology changes and communicate this to multiple teams/departments, senior SA management, and other impacted stakeholders.