Fresh Produce Buyer

  • Full Time
  • calgary

Thomas Fresh

The Buyer position entails the management and replenishment of select items or categories both directly and through their team. In this case, those categories include but are not limited to: Washington: Onions/Potatoes/Shallots etc, Local: Potatoes/Onions/Fruit/Veg and growers: California/Mexico/Nogales: Citrus, Specialty, Asian/Ethnic, Garlic, chili peppers. This position’s responsibility is to ensure that customers’ orders are fulfilled with the goal, ultimately, of a 100% fill rate. The Buyer tracks and projects sales and issues Purchase Orders accordingly. The Buyer is mindful of efficient and cost-effective use of freight on all items. This is a complex job that requires balancing the need to have the stock on hand necessary to fill uncertain needs, without carrying excessive stock.


  • Monitor and replenish stock.
  • Work with sales to create long term supply solutions and weekly sales opportunities.
  • Be aware of any consistent quality defects from vendors or on items.
  • Monitor quality and shelf life of product on hand ensuring product meets customer specifications.
  • Monitor costing to ensure the Company gets the best combination of price and quality.
  • Flag and claim as needed on any PO’s showing excessive loss if product does not specifications of terms of sale.
  • Track losses for each PO.
  • Creating Confirmation of Sales (COS) forms to ensure smooth and timely border crossing.
  • Inform the Sourcing Manager and Sales team of new items, supply gaps, opportunities etc.
  • Work with other branches when needed regarding:
  • Filling orders at this branch
  • Assisting other branches when possible
  • Communicating quality, suppliers to other Branches
  • Co-ordinating supply among common customers
  • Moving stock between branches when stock levels are too high.