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By working at Massage Heights, you will join a team of fellow Massage Therapists that are 100% motivated to make a difference through providing the compounding benefits of regular massage therapy . We are a membership-based massage provider, which means that our guests return for massage regularly and YOU get to help each guest truly achieve a higher quality of life. Our front desk reception sales team will be there to help by continuing educating the guests on the difference that regular massage can make, enrolling guests on massage memberships for consistent treatments, and then following up with calls, text messages & confirmation calls for regular appointments. Massage Heights is known for its spa-like environment with a clinical approach.

The best of both worlds, while you work as an employee OR as a CONTRACTOR Why work for us: At Massage Heights, Massage Therapy services is our ONLY focus, which means that YOU are the 1 in-house specialist . You will be able to recommend treatment plans, offer homecare, suggest stretching & strengthening exercises and guide your guests to progressively achieve their massage goals. This also means Massage Heights is entirely committed to our Massage Therapists team members and their well-being This includes: ✔️Looking after your health Sunlife Healthcare Benefits – Dental, Massage, Chiro, Physio, Prescriptions, etc. Employee Assistance Program through Humanacare, confidential, free counselling for mental health support Self Care program. $600/year reimbursements towards gym memberships and other activities to stay healthy.

Anti-fatigue flooring and hydraulic tables to support good body mechanics ✔️Opportunities to earn more: Get rewarded for the work you are doing and the impact you make on your guests. Incentives to improve service to guests are available throughout your career with MH (Yes, there is a career path to move UP at Massage Heights). With consistency, some of our long-time therapists are earning comparable rates to contractor business owners – on top of the benefits of being an employee AND you will receive 100% of your tips and gratuities ✔️Financial services for employees: Heal properly without missing your paycheck with Canadian pension plan (CPP) contributions for retirement , Employment Insurance (EI) contributions for unexpected emergencies. Let us take care of you. ✔️Career Care: Full reimbursements for yearly insurance & Association fees.

PLUS Continuing Education Classes: $300 reimbursements/year. ✔️Growing consistent clientele: You will be busy On average our schedules are booked solid 85% to 95% of the time and 100% in December ✔️Flexible Schedule: Work with your Retreat Director to find a schedule that ensures success Weekday, weekend, morning and evening shifts available. ✔️Supportive environment for personal growth: Consistent communication and on-the-job training for increased customer service and hands-on skills. ✔️Business support: All administrative tasks including billing, marketing, bookings, customer service support, and ordering supplies are provided. Massage can truly be your focus ✔️Discounts with our partners: 50% off lululemon clothing 10% off Seminars for Health Continuing Education courses ✔️ Recent updates: Contractor options available Optional 15-minute breaks or back-to-back appointments Digital SOAP notes with tablets that have a voice-to- text option If you would like to be a part of a supportive team environment that’s committed to customer service and client care, then Massage Heights is the right place for you. Come share your passion for helping people through massage therapy with Massage Heights For more information or to apply go to:


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