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SE health is a large national organization with diverse healthcare business lines. You’ll have an opportunity – and will be supported – to do different types of roles in different locations if that is what you’re interested in. Or you can pivot to supporting or leadership positions where you can use your skills to contribute and make an impact in different ways.

Innovative. At SE we are always looking for new innovative ways to improve. You’ll be encouraged and supported to identify and make improvements to the way we do our work.

As a social enterprise we support research into Senior’s Health and Aging. You’ll have the ability to be part of this research firsthand, and to learn from it. Competitive compensation.

Our Total Rewards package includes a competitive salary, group benefits, RRSP pension, and exclusive perks/discounts available only to SE Health staff. STATUS: Casual POSITION SUMMARY: Definition: Recreation Therapist refers to a registered professional member of the Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association with a bachelor’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation or any other related leisure and recreation studies. Your passion is to improve the physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual well-being of seniors living in supportive living and long-term care environments by advocating the use of therapeutic recreation and leisure activities to improve/ maintain functional ability.

Under the direct supervision of the Therapeutic Recreation Manager, you will assist with assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating resident involvement in programs and all recreation programs to ensure optimal benefits are being met. POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES: Activity A: Assessment 1.1. Identify information necessary to be collected during therapeutic recreation assessment. 1.2.

Select appropriate assessment tools based on resident profile and agency/program mandate. 1.3. Use appropriate interview and observational techniques when administering the selected assessment tools. 1.4. Accurately analyze and interpret results of the assessment tools administered. 1.5.

Communicate therapeutic recreation assessment results with the resident, family, key support networks and treatment team. 1.6. Apply assessment findings to the therapeutic recreation intervention plan. Intervention Planning: 1.7.

Develop a relevant intervention plan based on an established therapeutic recreation theoretical model. 1.8. Identify measurable, resident-centered goals based on assessment results and individual learning preferences. 1.9. Select appropriate therapeutic recreation interventions that will facilitate goal attainment. 1.10.

Utilize a collaborative model with resident, family, key support networks and treatment team. Activity B: Program Development 2.1 Implement a resident-centered approach to program development. 2.2 Develop and apply appropriate evaluation techniques. 2.3 Assess and access program resources as required. 2.4 Develop outcomes that directly relate to resident profile and external diversity considerations. 2.5 Collaborate with the resident and relevant support networks during therapeutic recreation program development. Activity C: Implementation 3.1 Deliver programs considering the strengths, abilities and any contraindications imposed by resident diagnosis. 3.2 Initiate and facilitate emergency response procedures in appropriate situations. 3.3 Incorporate data derived from the therapeutic recreation assessment into program delivery. 3.4 Apply facilitation techniques and adapt them as required to match the intervention plan. 3.5 Identify and access relevant resources to achieve maximum resident’s independence. 3.6 Ensure therapeutic recreation program delivery follows agency policies, procedures, and budgetary guidelines.

Activity D: Evaluation 4.1 Interpret and apply agency evaluation protocols accurately into therapeutic recreation service delivery. 4.2 Implement outcome-oriented evaluation measures. 4.3 Acquire and apply formal and informal information from a variety of sources to the evaluation process. 4.4 Analyze and interpret evaluation findings. 4.5 Write/ document evaluation reports. 4.6 Establish efficacy of therapeutic recreation services based on evaluation results and convey the findings to relevant groups/stakeholders. Activity E: Documentation 5.1 Document in a manner that meets specific professional, agency requirements. 5.2 Utilize resident-specific information to form appropriate resident-centered outcomes and record progress toward their realization. 5.3 Identify and record useful data in a clear, professional, and accurate manner. 5.4 Document behavior using agency-specific terminology. Other Information: Therapeutic Recreation & Community Practice Assist in seeking, supporting, and developing appropriate partnerships with a range of community service providers.

Collect and compile data necessary in linking with community resources. Provide intervention in a variety of community settings and/or involve the community within the resident’s environment. Demonstrate safe and appropriate procedures for accessing the community.

Assist in recruiting, maintaining, supporting, and monitoring volunteers and/or students. Foster mutual respect and open communication to enhance the growth of social networks and informal support mechanisms. Conduct evaluations of community-based programs to ascertain compatibility with individual preferences and needs.

Risk Management Systematically identify, analyze, evaluate, eliminate, or reduce risk to resident, colleagues, public and self. Develop and document program delivery protocols that identify and accommodate for likely or unlikely risk to resident, colleagues, public and self-occurring as a result of an intervention, treatment environment, equipment usage, resident-to-staff ratio and/or level of training. Handle all incidents, claims, insurance, and litigation-related tasks accurately, honestly and in a time-sensitive manner.

Follow agency and/or government policies and standards for infection prevention and control to protect self, residents, students, volunteers, families, visitors, and colleagues from infectious disease transmission. Follow agency and/or government policies and standards for occupational health and safety including identifying and reporting hazards, determining, and following communication and emergency. QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree in Recreational Therapy, Leisure studies, or equivalent.

At least 3 years recent related experience. Membership with good standing in ATRA. Current CPR and First Aid.

Able to work autonomously, with minimal supervision. Ability to lift up to 25 kilograms and frequent movement and bending. All successful applicants must pass the vulnerable sector Criminal Record Check.

Willingness to have a flexible schedule to meet resident needs. About SE Health At SE, we love what we do. Every day, we bring hope and happiness to clients, homes, and communities across Canada.

We treat each person with dignity and love, like our own family; we build empathy; and we do the right thing. We are always inspired to make a difference. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we share knowledge, provide the best care, and help each client to realize their most meaningful goals for health and wellbeing.

We are an inclusive workplace offering competitive pay, benefits, pension, and work life balance. We’re a great place to work, and we hope you’ll join our team. In the interest of the health and safety of our patients/clients, employees, and greater good of public health, SE Health requires those that wish to work for this organization to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Fully vaccinated means a person has received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and it has been 14 days since the last dose. SE Health is committed to the success of all its employees. If you feel you need accommodations because of illness or disability, please do not hesitate to contact the Talent Acquisition team at at your earliest convenience