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Maverick Currencies is Hiring

We are a top-ranked proprietary trading firm that allows traders to use our capital to increase their profits.

Maverick Currencies is looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and a profit-driven mindset to trade cryptocurrency and stock options on behalf of the firm. Our traders keep 70% to 80% of their profits and get to learn how to profitably trade cryptocurrency. Those with a background in technical support are encouraged to apply.

About the Company

You don’t need 10 years of experience at Wall Street to trade for us-our veteran traders, extensive support, and comprehensive training programs allow novices to become experts who trade serious capital.

We have many successful traders with us who have careers in technical support.

We’re different than a regular day-trading firm. We have made our name as a top swing and position-trading firm, which means we take positions that range from a few days to a few months. One benefit of this strategy is that our traders can work flexible hours, including in part-time and full-time positions. And since all the work is done over the web, traders have the option to work at-location or remotely, provided they have high-speed internet access.

Maverick Currencies is one of the oldest and most experienced prop trading firms out there, and we are ranked as one of the top trading companies in the entire industry.

We have lived through multiple bear and bull cycles and understand how to profit in any financial environment. This means we are able to train our traders how to tackle even the most challenging situations. Our emphasis on risk management and mentorship keeps our traders ahead of the curve.

Our traders start out with a minimum account of $25,000 and get to bank 70% to 80% of the profits. Over time as they prove themselves, traders become eligible to trade more and more of the firm’s capital.

To give you an idea, our best traders can trade up to $800,000.


Often the best candidates have a background in business, and any experience in trading or investing is a bonus. We have many successful traders with us who have a background in technical support. However, the most important characteristic for traders is a commitment to following the firm’s trading methodology and risk management guidelines that are proven to create long-term gains. It is also required that you have a strong interest in cryptocurrency.


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