Teacher Teaching On Call (TTOC) 2023-24

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Teachers Teaching On Call (TTOC)

School District 60: Peace River North, is currently seeking

Certified Teachers Teaching On Call (TTOC)

Certified Candidates must hold a valid BC Teaching Certificate. Candidates that are awaiting their BC teaching certificate will be considered as certificate-pending applicants.

Non-Certified Teachers Teaching On Call (TTOC)

Non-Certified Casual TTOC candidates must have relevant education and/or background, with preference given to those with a Bachelor’s Degree or other post-secondary education. Successful completion of Grade 12 is a requirement.

All TTOC’s are dispatched on an as needed basis. Non-Certified TTOC’s will not be dispatched until all available Certified TTOC’s and certificate-pending TTOC’s are dispatched.

While the amount of work available for TTOC’s is subject to fluctuation Certified TTOC’s in School District 60 tend to work between an average of 3-5 days every week. However, there can be periods of time where there is no work available for TTOC’s.

Certified TTOC’s will be paid on the TTOC pay scale in accordance to their TQS category and years of teaching experience (excluding out-of-district TTOC experience) up to a maximum of Category 5 Step 8. Starting wage for Certified TTOC’s in Category 4 with 1 years of experience is $299.54/day.

Non-certified and certificate-pending TTOC’s will be paid 85% of 1/250 of Category 4 Step 1 on the teacher’s annual wage scale ($192.49/day).

About our TTOC List:

There are two TTOC categories available:

Casual TTOC

Regular TTOC

TTOC’s are required to declare themselves as a casual TTOC or regular TTOC at the beginning of each school year. TTOC’s can change between casual and regular throughout the school year by contacting the TTOC Dispatcher.

Casual TTOC’s

Casual TTOC’s are able to accept or refuse callouts as they see fit however, casual TTOC’s must accept at least one callout between the months of September to January and one between the months of January to June. Failure to do so may result in the TTOC being removed from the TTOC list. Please note that the more restrictions a TTOC puts in place for their callouts the less frequent callouts will be available.

Regular TTOC’s

Acceptable Categories for Regular TTOC lists:

All – In Town (including CL, Baldonnel and Taylor)

K-6 – In Town Only (including CL, Baldonnel and Taylor)

7-12 – In Town Only (including CL, Baldonnel and Taylor)

K-6 – In/Out of Town

7-12 – In/Out of Town

All – In/Out of Town

Site specific for Rural schools only

Regular TTOC’s can still have days of availability/unavailability (ie. Only work certain days in the week) provided that these days are consistent and made known upon application/renewal of service. Dispatch must be advised of any upcoming absences or periods of unavailability (ie. holidays, family commitments, etc.). Regular TTOC’s are expected to be available and accept callouts as per their days of stated availability. Regular TTOC’s who are unable to commit to the above expectations could be moved to the casual TTOC list.

All TTOC’s

Personal preferences and background will be taken into consideration but there are no guarantees that you want be called for assignments outside of these. When the district is short, TTOCs may be asked to work outside of their chosen categories. Regular TTOC’s that refuse a callout outside of their chosen category will not be penalized.

All TTOC’s must have a valid driver’s license and/or access to a reliable and consistent mode of transportation to get them to and from all required schools.

Order of Callouts

Regular TTOC’s – Certified

Casual TTOC’s – Certified

Regular TTOC’s – Cert-pending (Application submitted to TRB)

Casual TTOC’s – Cert-pending (Application submitted to TRB)

Regular TTOC’s – Non Certified

Casual TTOC’s – Non Certified

Renewal of service will require an acknowledgement agreeing to these conditions each school year.

About School District 60:

School District 60 is noted for innovative educational practices and excellent cooperative relationships between all educational partners. Our district is made up of dedicated, energetic professionals for whom the achievement and well-being of their students is a first priority. Together we challenge, encourage and support all learners to be responsible for developing their abilities with respect for self, others and the environment.

School District 60 is progressive and growing. There are 23 schools within School District 60. The district’s schools provide education services to approximately 6000 ethnically and demographically diverse students.

School District 60 is located on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains in the northern tip of the Canadian Prairies in beautiful Fort St. John, BC. Fort St John is 478 km northeast of Prince George and 1,237 km north of Vancouver, situated near the border with neighbouring Alberta, 214 km west of Grande Prairie, Alberta. The region’s economy is prosperous and expanding. Fort St John is a city for all seasons and year-round playground for those who like pristine wilderness, an active lifestyle, cosmopolitan city life and the enthusiasm of an energetic community.

Any questions can be directed to:

Crystal Jessen, HR Manager at

Alex Bacso, HR Coordinator at

We thank all applicants for their interest however, only those selected for interviews will be contacted

School District No. 60 (Fort St John)

10112 105 Avenue, Fort St John, BC V1J 4S4


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